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About Us

Light the Wick Candle Factory started as a hobby in 1995.

Being dissatisfied with the selection of scented store bought candles we decided to experiment on our own to create an aromatic scented candle. As we progressed by mastering the scent and wax consistency our friends and family began to take notice on the quality of product that we were producing. Taking their advice we set up booths at local craft shows to see how the public would respond and much to our surprise they too were satisfied by the product that we were offering.

As the demand for quality scented candles grew with our customer base we opened up a store located in Denton, Texas just off the historic downtown square. With our customer base growing each month we are now giving customers who are not located in our area an opportunity to experience the quality of custom hand poured scented candles.

At Light the Wick Candle Factory you will only find custom hand poured candles using the best quality wax, scents and decorative jars. Our wicks contain zinc cores and are FDA approved. With such a high level of quality that goes into each candle it does not matter if you purchase half dozen votive candles or a dozen of large jar candles, you will see that each product contains the highest level of integrity. That is why our customers keep coming back to us time and again.

Come experience for yourself what so many North Texans and customers around the world already know, quality hand poured candles that leave such a pleasant aromatic scent in your room, home, bathroom or office.

Sharon Arnold
Creators & Owners